"The offices of Datamap group extend over the two premium floors of the V Towers  (19,20) on the border of Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan. Roy David Studio was commissioned to design a modern industrial space that challenges the conservative culture of one of the largest topographical measurement companies in Israel."

Datamap is a company with historical heritage of documenting many of the most important areas in the Land of Israel."



"Situated in the new landmark of Tel Aviv city, Azrieli Sarona tower the office will be an iconic high-tech work environment which is designed in the concept of "Swarm" organic formation"

SimilarWeb is the industry standard for understanding the digital world. SimilarWeb’s market intelligence solutions provide customers
with insights into their digital market for any website or app across all industries worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of businesses, including Ebay, L’Oreal, Google and AirBnB, use SimilarWeb’s insights to understand, track and grow their market share.



"The project is a statement to the fact that real industrial ports are not made out of luxury yachts but of fisherman's boats. Having a lot of industrial marine influences, from the rough metal to the untreated concrete and a circular layout, you really feel you are going in your next adventure on sea. "

The global company, Windward is best known for their data and analytics on the maritime domain. The company is a pioneer in the business as they have created the first maritime and data platform, the Windward Mind. The platform analysis and organizes with the use of big data and deep shipping expertise the worlds maritime data. 



"Situated right at the intersection between Rothschild and Allenby in the incredible heritage building the office will overlook the urban and vibrant spaces of Tel Aviv"

Aleph is a networking service of entrepreneurs. A venture capital fund focused on partnering with great entrepreneurs to help scale them into large, meaningful companies and globally recognized brands. 



"Designing for exceptional people can makes everything possible"

Yotpo is a reviews and user-generated content (UGC) marketing platform for online businesses. They help companies collect tons of UGC, like reviews, community Q&A, photos, and more - and then make it easy for them to amplify that content all over the web, from product pages to Google to Instagram.



"Ready to rock n' roll this project:)"

Combining marketing art and data science, our mission is to empower marketers with the “emotional intelligence” required to communicate with their customers most effectively at all times, via all available channels. Our goal is to help companies grow their business by more successfully engaging and pleasing their existing customers.



"Yet another chance for the studio to get to design two companies office under the same roof. Apester & Cocycles ventured together with us in a unique journey, where industrial and classical styles mix together in just the right way. "

Apester is revolutionizing digital storytelling for publishers around the world by enabling them to create engaging and interactive content elements to add to their editorial vision. Apester puts even more power into the hands of publishers to reach and interact with their audiences in meaningful ways that move the needle in the metrics that matter.
Oh yeah, it's also free.



"The biggest challenge we had in this project was to design an office that is composed of three sub-firms with their own identity all under an architecture language that should be perceived as being unitary. This way the final result is a vibrant, colorful and laid back tech office. "

Round Robin is a technological innovation hub specializing in software. They partner-up with leading companies and co-found promising startups. From games to websites, the studio functions like a tightly knitted platform where customers get way more than what they bargained for.



"What a dream come true to get to design a gaming company's HQ. From playful colors to action figures and graffiti, the office space is gives an overall laid back and vibrant feeling being the ultimate creativity booster for both the staff and the visitors. "

Jelly Button entertains their friends, family and rest of the galaxy through their unique game experience. They drive their successful entertaining and long-lasting titles by combining creativity, technology and data. They craft games that are played together by massive audiences of all kinds.



"What sets this project apart from anything we did is the LED light fixture, set in the heart of the studio. The installation along with the offices fine line design between private and public make Personetics office design a pioneer in the studios constant search for alternative working spaces."

Recently named by Gartner as a 2014 "Cool Vendor" and by the American Banker/BTN as a "Top 10 FinTech Company to Watch", Personetics is a venture-backed company pioneering an innovative new category of digital customer banking called Personetics Guidance.



"What could be better than enjoying Moti's and Or's exquisite culinary techniques in a urban, industrial restaurant situated in the heart of Tel Aviv. The projects attention to petite high-class details casted in an industrial language is a must see."

Milgo & Milbar is the culmination of the collaboration between chef's Moti Titman and Or Michaeli. Together, the two work to create a modern Israeli kitchen that incorporates their unique interpretation of international cuisine , focusing on the highest quality of local ingredients native to the land and continuously striving to stay one step ahead of the new trends in cuisine.



"When Corona asked us to participate at their new invitation-based competition we didn't hesitate for a second. Creating an urban island that combines both the Corona brand with the existing's bar identity, in the center of Bucharest was a true refreshing delight for the studio.  "

Corona is an international award winning beer brand with their main headquarters in Mexico. In their recent years the brand started to extend their field into design and architecture. In the summer of 2016, the brand launched their first design competition in Bucharest.  



"The entire intervention inside the Blanco headquarters is built around a dynamic circulation dictated by a workstation table installation. The space had to be dynamic, easy going, vibrant and above all inspirational, all of this under the grand industrial design umbrella."

Blanco is fresh and revolutionary advertisement brand based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They create the most diverse projects, partnering up with clients that in the end get way more than what they expected. 



"The entire intervention inside Dynamic Yield is focused on the connection between the different teams that work together making the company a unitary entity. By using a constant industrial design language all the different departments work together in a consistent style. "

Dynamic Yield’s advanced machine learning engine builds actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to increase revenue via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization & 1:1 messaging.