CLIENT: Eurostars Hotels

SIZE: 28 sqm

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: Various Eurostars Hotel locations

When we first read the brief of the competition, what got us most interested was that the hotel room needs to respond to the “traveler’s present and future needs. When pondering on this idea a series of scenarios started to take shape. Does the room have to be spacious, high-tech-ed, eclectic, minimalist? We tackled this problem from all angles and found a solution that is easy to implement and scalable in any hotel of the Eurostars franchise. In order for a space to be memorable it should reflect the characteristics of the culture that the hotel is placed in. If you were in Barcelona, you would find Gaudi’s intricate ceramic works, if one were in Moscow, the burning red paint should stand out.

But how can you create a style that is both personal, rooted in the culture that the hotel is built in and yet create a standard for all the Eurostars hotels around the world? The solution is to retrace the essence of design itself and resurface the basic principles that shape modernistic design. Back in the 1929 Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, proposed a style that tackles the essence of materiality in the Barcelona Pavilion. The style created was minimalistic yet modern. It would accentuate the raw materiality and craftsmanship of the texture itself. Slabs of raw green marble, untreated leather, raw concrete are just a few of the examples that the architect experimented with.  

Thus following the standard layout of a hotel room, we started rethinking the essence of each furniture element. Accentuating not the end result but the process through which that element is created. In this mindset we proposed a structure made by a thin white painted metal railing that would be the base of each furniture pieces. On the structure we started playing around with a series of other materials that would complement the furniture element. Thus, the function and form blend together. Simple geometric forms start to have a meaningful function, the bed headrest is composed of half cylinders, the reading lamp is constructed out of a rectangular shaped green marble and a half circle gold metallic painted cover. In the case of the hotel room table, a thin gold line accentuates the raw dark wood of the counter. Using all these high-end raw materials, there is no need for other decor elements, the materiality of each element used is the decor itself.

While the trends in design keep on changing, this particular style does not as it is the essence itself of what architecture and design stand for. The scalability of the design is endless. Following simple geometric lines, one could accentuate each room with the use of local fabrics and materials. Each room can feel bounded to the space it is in and also have a collective identity that reflects the Eurostars signature design.

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