SIZE: 1.700 sqm

YEAR: 2015

LOCATION: Copenhagen

“But shouldn't all of us on earth give the best we have to others and offer whatever is in our power?”  - Hans Christian Andersen

Studying the life of the world famous writer Hans Christian Andersen, we came to realize that although his fairy-tales influenced millions of people’s lives around the world, his own childhood was rough and filled with hardships. Coming from a poor family and struggling socially, Andersen moved from place to place, never founding a home where he felt he belonged to. In today's modern life, where globalism and technology displaces us from the "here and now", we feel that the new modern library architecture should be a tool through which the old world meets the new and enriches it. It is our belief that the experience of learning through the use of books is irreplaceable and priceless. 

Inspired by the story of Andersen, We planned sort of -homes to rent- inside the library (PLU – private learning units) in which people can feel that they have a safe place to be and to stay, so that the learning process in the library can be maximized. The structure is divided into three main areas – library/plu, reading garden and commercial/administration area. Starting from the reading park, which leads the visitor from the public boardwalk through a semi-public garden and into the library and study homes (see public/private scheme); gives the visitor a changing process from an urban state of mind via a gradual reduction of space, and allows a more intimate studying/learning/staying experience. 

The library facade adapting and redefining the existing surrounding building architectural typologies and uses it as a covering "veil" over on all its components The east facade of the building is pushed back showcasing the PLU's, which are popping out through the veil, in a new take on the rigid window orders of the old architecture (see façade typology scheme). The space created between the veil and the library structure acts as a transitional zone overlapping the reading garden, which continues the green stretch of the Amalie Garden that allows both visitors of the library and pedestrians on the boardwalk a place of escapism. Our overall design approach is to allow a new library prototype of the 21 century which will stretch the experience boundaries by combining the traditional via the individual point of view.

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