SIZE: 140sqm

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: King Salomon 6, Kiryat Ono


Ground Café’s mission is to bring the brasserie and dining experience, affiliated with the French culture combined with the new Tel Aviv-ian cuisine, to the suburban city of Kiryat Ono. The café is a new typology of restaurant, one that combines social gatherings with an innovative culinary cuisine.

Situated inside the nearly renovated student dorms of Ono Academic College, the new space gives the students a new social interaction area right in their homes.

The owners are at their second collaboration with Roy David Architecture Studio, after the successful design of Milgo & Milbar in centre Tel Aviv. In the initial brief the clients wanted to design a café that would be industrial, urban and would give its customers the right amount of privacy while enjoying their home-made products in a good vibe place.

The slick industrial feel coupled with raw concrete and untreated leather transform the space into any neighbourhood hangout area. The space mixes an off-beat industrial style with a slick contemporary feel in the needed proportions, making the overall intervention feel personal, inviting and an overall laid back experience.

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