CLIENT: Modelier Bistro & Corona Brand

SIZE: 450 sqm 

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: Str. Duzilor, nr. 12, Bucharest, Romania

The theme of the invited competition organized by V8 Agency was to transform the Modelier Bistro into an Urban Island. The intervention must reflect an atmosphere that transcends both the Corona brand and the Modelier Bistro’s characteristic vibes.

As we read the brief we couldn’t help imagining pirates, stolen princesses, heroes on their ultimate journey, but in the end, we went for a classic scenario. We imagined that the Modelier staff just woke up in paradise. In this case paradise is a small atoll in the middle of nowhere.  As the Modelier team is a clever one, they choose to make this small paradise their home. The process through which the team explores and finally settles on this island is the main concept of our intervention. 

The process of settling on the island is a common one. Like in any creative process there has to be a general idea, usually expressed by sketches. Than, when the sketch is done one would make a prototype and implement the idea. Finally there is that moment of admiration, when you take a step back and look at your creation. 

Every space inside the Modelier bistro reflects the essential milestones in the process of creation / design. Thus, the first room, situated at the ground floor, reflects the idea of sketching. As you move to the upper floors one could find the prototype room and the finally the relax room. The terrace of the bistro represents the island itself, with the use of specially crafted tables and chairs, exotic vegetation and calming light fixtures, the space transcends calmness and bliss. 

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