CLIENT: Private

SIZE: 200 sqm

YEAR: 2015

LOCATION: Marche di Fermo, Italy

PHOTOGRAPHY: Matteo Canestraro

Located in the romantic landscape of great Tuscany the preserved villa owned by an Israeli family function as the ideal private vacation resort. The architect Ilana David partner at ROY DAVID STUDIO Tel aviv based architecture & interior design practice, was motivated to transform the old stable into the desired vacation house by preserving its original structural style.

The villa is located in an amazing wheat & sunflower fields which inspired the architect to preserve the yellowish color plate of the original facades of the building. The romantic landscape surrounding the villa is celebrated in the flat toucan style pool situated in front of the villa’s main facade. In order to overcome the overseas design challenge and the strict preservation laws a local regulatory guidance was commissioned.

Each of the original stones which constructed the old stable facades was numbered, disassembled and reconstructed after being validated for it structural strength. An external spiral staircase was the only structural element that was permitted by the local authority to be demolished.

The architects faced a great challenge which was on the one hand preserving the old country side style of building and on the other hand designing an uncompromising architecture and interior design.

The overall interiors of the villa were designed in a toucan style affiliated with rough terracotta stone flooring installed in a fish-bone angular arrangements, wooden beams, local plaster techniques, white, brown & pinkish color plates and ceiling ceramic tiles. On top of each of the windows one can observe the horizontal wooden beam which was originally placed as a structural solution for the top of the windows. All the original details such as the window & doors handles were refurbished and placed back in their original place. Even the original iron rings which were designated for tethering the horses where refurbished and kept in place. In that manner the architects were able to preserve not only the overall look and feel of the place but also its spirit.

The adherence to details approach and the use of Lo-Fi technologies results in an ease and honest vacation house which serves the client initial wishes and expectations.

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