SIZE: 1,400 sqm
YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Hachoshlim 4, Hertzliya, ISRAEL

About the Playtika 1.0 project...

The offices of Playtika company are spread out over 1400 sqm, located in the heart of Hertzliya Pituach business district.

Roy David studio was commissioned to design a space that would allow a productive, young and lively work environment that will emphasize the game experience which constitute the foundation of the company.

Playtika was founded in 2010 and was one of the first to offer free to pay social games on social networks and shortly after, on mobile platforms. Since then, Playtika has continued to be a leader in the game industry and reinventing itself time after time.

The first planning challenge was to create a space with a combination of closed offices along with shared workspaces that included alternative work areas that would accommodate the development and the design work along with the office work carried out by the company's employees. In order to enable group seating and efficient convenient teamwork, it was important to create a variety of public and private corners parallel to the working stations, so that each employee could find the most suitable and productivity work environment for him.

The studio has chosen a young design that create a fun and playful work environment using industrial finishes such as exposed ceilings, expended net and metals, along with carpets and floating ceilings made of acoustic fabric. The selection of the finishes materials was done carefully, combining industrial materials with green plants, creating a technological environment on the one hand, and a growing pleasant environment on the other hand. On first entrance to the office the playfulness in the approach to the material selection and composition is immediately made apparent. Start with the connection of the concrete floor with the fishbone parquet, through the colorful concrete tiles on the phonebooths walls, to the green vegetation on the industrial net partitions.

In order to maintain the chosen design line, the studio chose to create customized elements and furniture using CNC technology that will meet the needs of the company, and at the same time reinforce the design line.