SIZE: 1,100 sqm
YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Rogovin Tidhar, 10 Hamenofim, Hertzliya, ISRAEL

About the R2NET project...

The 1,100 sqm offices of R2NET in the Rogovin Tidhar Tower, located in the heart of the Hertzliya Pituach business district. Roy David Architecture was commissioned to design a space that would simultaneously provide a productive work environment and space that felt like home for the 90 employees. The designers strived to maintain the elegant and clean look which has become synonymous with the brand as it has grown to become a leader in the diamond and gemstone industry.

R2NET was founded in 2007 by Oded Edelman, is the product of over 30 years of experience and expertise in the diamond industry and is the parent company to 3 subsidiary companies: Brio, Segoma and James Allen. Brio specializes in creating original content and improving existing media, Segoma develops innovative 3D visualization technologies that have streamlined the production, trade and sales of diamonds worldwide, and James Allen is a jewelry retailer website that consistently provides the highest quality jewelry allowing traders and auctioneers to provide competitive prices to their clients. The companies create a powerhouse in the industry that is not only improving how customers purchase jewelry, but also revolutionizing the production processes in order to bring the highest quality of gems and jewlery to the widest customer base.

The first planning challenge was to create an office that included a patio spread out over 90 sqm as well as a vivarium covering an area of 6 sqm. These two spaces that were intended to bring nature into the space in a unique way, were planned alongside a workspace comprised of open space and private offices. Additionally, because of the unique and various type of work being done daily, the designers planned shared workspaces that included alternative workspace that would best accommodate the research, design and office work carried out by the company's employees.

The studio chose an elegant and clean palette intended to preserve the classic esthetic of the diamond yet providing a homey and pleasant atmosphere; going hand in hand with the company's values. To effectively achieve this atmosphere, the designers chose a range of natural finishes including wood and stone combined with classic black and white tones, all the while integrating a variety of textures, touches of color and sleek lines via custom furniture and graphics found throughout the space.

The aforementioned vivarium is immediately visible upon entrance into the space; designed for the growth of gorgeous and eye-catching tropical plants, it is situated adjacent to the main meeting room whose finishes correspond to the wild nature with a textured oak parquet and natural stone flooring highlighted with custom wooden light fixtures.

For the design of the patio, another central element in the space, the design team took a slightly different approach. The team decided to create a "backyard vibe", a serene space in the middle of the work environment, perfect for a break or a moment of relaxation at any point during the work day. For the patio Roy David Architecture designed custom benches that combine planters allowing for an abundance of vegetation and greenery. At the center of the patio, the studio designed a large planter that houses a lychee tree and is a surrounding by a bench featuring colorful decorative cushions. The greenery finds its way into the interior as well. each open space workstation features a custom designed planter suspended from the ceiling. This piece not only brings greenery into the space, but provides a division between the hallway and the workstations.

In order to create a space that truly represented the unique, exacting and elegant work done by R2NET, the design team worked with a carpenter to create customized elements and furniture. These pieces not only meet the needs of the company and its employees, but speak strongly to the company’s brand. The very customized space is ultimately defined by the motif of elegant and clean lines, a constant reference to the beautiful diamonds and precious gemstones that the company’s technology helps to create and bring to homes around the globe.