SIZE: 110sqm

YEAR: 2017

LOCATION: Shvil Hamerets, Tel Aviv, Israel 


When we had to move from our previous studio space, we had to deal with the biggest question every design firm have to confront one time or anouther , how to plan the space so it will reflect our design language? 

We made an aware choice of using mineral materials such as wood, concrete and different types of metal along side a calm and timeless color palette which included white, grey, black and walnut wood. Almost all of the colorful palette comes from the furniture and the material library we use on daily basis.

The installation situated right at the entrance of the space, reflect the industrial design approach affiliated with the studio. White double glass aluminium walls accompanies the route to the heart of the studio. The central partition of the aluminium walls made of frosted "star-line" glass imported specially from Portugal.

The overall floor-plan was divided into 5 segments: meeting room. manager room, open space, kitchen and inspiration zone.

"The studio encapsulate the essence of innovation, knowledge sharing and love spreading via design that the studio stands for"

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